Repose Cemetery Solutions

Software for Cemeteries and Cemetery/Funeral Home Combinations

Main Program

Our software runs on Microsoft Access. All data is stored in Access which makes the data available for use from software packages such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint.

For large cemeteries, data can be stored using Microsoft SQL Server.

Accounting and Sales Tracking

Our software allows each purchase to be itemized. Payment plans with financing can be established. Payments are tracked for statements and trust amounts are computed from the payments. Trust amounts are also maintained showing breakdown of principal vs. interest. Other trust features and purchase features are included. Payments received are automatically allocated to the appropriate trust or commission accounts. Up to three different trust accounts can be maintained through our software: Perpetual Care, Merchandise and Funeral Trusts.

With Repose you can generate payment coupons and track sales commission along with sales commission payments. Many reports are available giving detailed information about trusts, commissions and sales.


Personalization is the key component to the Repose software solution

  • We mimic the layout of your grave locations: Gardens/Buildings, Sections, Lots, Rows, Blocks, etc.
  • We customize the screens to capture only the data that you gather: Wedding Dates, Military Information, Hebrew dates, Names in other languages, etc.
  • We incorporate the automatic printing of your contracts, work/service orders, burial cards, etc.

We enjoy taking our existing system and incorporating your unique differences to create a software solution that meets all your needs.

Baseline Software

Software and standard reports plus five hours of training and two user manuals.

US $1,500.00

Scanned Documents Module

This module talks directly to the scanner, scans the document, stores the image and associates the image with the grave and/or purchase record(s).

US $250.00

Digital Camera Picture Links

This module talks directly to a digital camera, extracts the photo, stores the image and associates the image with the grave(s).

US $250.00

Accounts Receivable

This module adds more functionality to the existing purchasing provided in the baseline software. Each purchase can be itemized and payment plans with financing can be established.  Payments are tracked for statements and trust amounts are computed from the payments. Payments received are automatically allocated to the appropriate trust or commission accounts. Trust amounts are also maintained showing breakdown of principal vs. interest. Other trust features and purchase features are included.

This module includes the ability to generate payment coupons, generate sales reports and track sales commission along with commission payments.

US $1,000.00

Sales Tracking

This module works with the accounts receivable module to track sales commission and sales commission payments. It also includes sales commission reports.

US $250.00

Lot Mapping

This module takes the information provided from the database and displays it on the screen giving your database a mapped feel. The information displayed is interactive allowing the user to select front, back or side lots to view additional lot information. This information can be printed to maintain accurate section books. This module automates your lot books.

US $1,000.00

Web Burial Searches

The Repose system can be made available for users on the web to view burial information entered into the computer system.  You determine what will be made available for viewing. Users can search the database by any portion of the burial name, or by using a date range. Photos can be associated to the web viewing along with many other features.

Custom Software Development

US $100.00/Hr.

Data Entry and Scanning Assistance

Repose Cemetery Solutions provides data entry and scanning services. Our team of data entry personnel are trained in using our software as well as experienced in understanding the flow of cemetery business. This experience helps our customers with quicker and more accurate data entry results. If contracted, Repose Cemetery Solutions can complete data entry services on a budgeted basis if needed.

US $30.00/Hr. or By Bid

Additional Licenses

US $1,000.00

Warning Sign Kit

Includes a mountable sign to be displayed at the cemetery warning visitors of the dangers.  A QR code is displayed which guides them to a video explaining the dangers.  The kit also includes one custom inspection tool along with a safety video providing instructions on how to safely inspect a potentially dangerous monument. Thirty warning signs with bumpers to protect the monument are also included in this kit. Additional warning signs can be purchased at $10 per sign.

US $750.00

Other Services And Modules

Repose Cemetery Solutions also provides mapping services, web site development, touch screen technology, conversion, database replication and customized modules.

Yearly Software Maintenance

20 Hours of Free Phone or Email Support and Free Software Updates. Free Phone Support when the problem is our software.

20% of Purchase

3 Month Money Back Guarantee

If our software does not meet your specific needs, you have 90 days from the delivery date or first training date to request a refund.  Software is refunded 100%.  Other services such as conversion, training and travel are not refundable.

Field Survey And Mapping

Roberts Consulting Services offers field survey services enriching the database with critical information needed by the caretakers of the cemetery.  These services include discovery of cornerstones and pegs denoting lot owners and unmarked burials, measurements of spaces for future burial, along with determining any available potential spaces for sale.  Areas where GPR should be considered are located and coordinated through a 3rd party company by our firm. Probing for vaults is completed when spacing is in question.  All potential problems are documented in the Repose software and displayed using our Lot Mapping software module.  These services provide great benefits to any cemetery desiring potential problems to be discovered and handled properly with family members before a loved one has passed.  In areas where existing maps are no longer accurate, we can remap each section making it easier for visitors and care takers to find burials whether marked or unmarked.  Existing Markers can be cleaned and photographed, adding additional value to the cemetery database.


Marker Inspections

Our company offers marker inspection services, training, along with tool kits which include warning signs, tools for inspection, videos for customers and informational signs to be displayed at the cemetery.  The Repose software can track inspection status on each monument and provide a yearly listing of suggested monuments to re-inspect.



Upon acceptance of a proposal, 50% of Total Cost will be due to begin the customization of the software. Upon completion of the customization phase, the remaining balance will be due upon receipt of software. The client will then have 3 months from the acceptance date to return all software and receive a full refund if not satisfied with the software produced by Repose Cemetery Solutions.

Five-year payment plans are also available.

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